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Tim Massie

My interest in food began at a very young age. I would drag my chair to the bench while my mother was cooking and help her prepare meals. I started baking cakes and cookies to begin because seriously who doesn’t enjoy eating them? Apparently I even enjoyed washing up which I find hard to believe..! I love food and I’m very passionate about it. I believe it’s the voice of all languages. It brings us together, it’s celebrated and we turn to it for all occasions. 

With 15 years experience as a professional chef in the industry I am finding that as the years go on my love has grown stronger and stronger. My vision is simple - produce great food that is well executed in an affordable way so everyone can enjoy it. In my opinion food is exciting and fun. I believe my food and my kitchen team reflects this. 

As Australians we are very lucky. We live in a multi cultural environment and for me working in it I’ve developed a taste for it. When it comes to my menus I have no rules. My food is modern, delicious and affordable. I always use the freshest ingredients and my methods are all about no fuss and no short cuts. So enjoy the many dining options that are on offer for you here at The Richmond Hotel. 


Mon - Fri  | 10am - late 

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 36 Woodlark St, Lismore. NSW

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